Meet Spencer...

Hey guys,

I have wrote a tiny bit about the new edition to my family (Spencer) but I thought it's only right to dedicate a whole blog post to him as he is the best thing that has happened to me and my family in a long time!

On Wednesday 14th September 2016, me and my mum went to view a gorgeous horse who we found online. When we got there we met up with the owner and her mum. They were nice and friendly and very honest about the horse we had come to view. We walked down with the owner to the horses field and there he was. A beautiful grey, chubby pony. He came trotting up to use and the minute we laid our eyes on him we instantly fell in love. He rubbed his head on my shoulder and I gave him a huuuuge hug and a nice juicy carrot. We brought him back to the top, where the car was, and the owner put his tack on and got on him. She walked down to this massive field where she demonstrated how he rides. It was at this point where we knew he was the one for us. After the owner and the horse had a nice ride around the field, they came back to us. My mum rode him before I did as she couldn't wait any longer! She did exactly what the owner did and rode him around the field. I have never seen my mum look so happy in ages. He smile spread across her face and her eyes twinkled with excitement. After my mu had a ride it was finally my turn. I rode him down to the bottom of the field and back and he was so amazing and safe. As it was dark, we decided that it was time ti head back up top. So i stayed on him and we hacked in back up top to where the owners mum was, brushed him, fed him and then took him back to his field to sleep. After a very long conversation with the owner and her mum we agreed that this gorgeous boy was the horse for us and that we wanted to get the opportunity to loan him...

....This horse was Spencer!

On Monday 19th of September, we were able to move him to the yard where we currently are. Unfortunately, I was at school so I missed the whole moving process but I was told that he was good until he saw the trailer, which was kindly driven by the owner of our stables. At this point, my mum said that he looked like a lipizaner stallion (a gorgeous breed of horses who basically do lots of dancing and fancy movements) which I am gutted that I missed that because my mum said that, although he shouldn't have misbehaved like that, he was looking absolutely amazing! After a good 20 minutes they managed to get him onto the trailer and set off home to the stables. My mum took the owner of Spencer in her car and the owner of our stables drove the trailer. As they arrived at the stables, they unloaded him and put him into his new home. Now was the time when I was finally able to go and see him in his new home. So at 3:30pm on that Monday I rang my mum up to find that she was already on her way to pick me up from our house and take me there. So as fast as I could I got changed and waited outside. When I eventually got there, the owner was waiting there for us to arrive back. We stayed there for a good 3 hours because I rode him, my mum rode him and the owner rode him too, we groomed him and then put his rug on and put him to bed, whilst giving him lots of cuddles, kisses and tasty treats! Then it was time to take the owner back to her house and then we went home to our house. Unfortunately, the owner of Spencer moved away to Manchester, England last weekend (9th October 2016) which means she wont be able to see him as much however me and my mum have told her that we are happy for her to come whenever she likes and whenever she wants to ride him or give him cuddles and treats. She also told me that, when me and Spencer start doing competitions, she wants me to let her know so that she can come and watch and show support.

Since the me and my mum have been improving his fitness, riding him nearly everyday of the week, apart from Tuesdays and Fridays, and trying to help him get rid of his excess weight. He has settled in to his home and has been making friends with lots of the other horses and ponies (and the other animals and humans too). Everybody hear loves him and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!!

Fact file about Spencer:

  • He is a Fell X
  • He is grey with black leg markings
  • He is 14.2hh
  • He is 14 years old (like me haha)
  • He is a very happy chap who loves attention, food and posing for the camera
  • He doesn't like tractors
  • He does like to be playing in the field with his lady friends

Question of the day:
Has anything excited happened to you recently? If so let me know in the comments below :-)

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x

P.s Do keep sending your comments in as I have loved reading them and getting to know you guys better! Have a good day everyone! :-)


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