Hello October....

Hey Guys,

IT'S FINALLY OCTOBER.....and you know what that means.....Halloween, Crispy fresh air, Bonfire night, (then my birthday obvs) and then finally CHRISTMAS!

October, November and December are my favorite months. Don't get me wrong, I love love love summer and all however I adore this time of the year and here's why:

1) Big, cuddly clothes - OMG I love wrapping up warm in a big knitted cardigan with a nice big fluffy coat and some cute boots! I love to wear chunky coats with big furry hoods as I love to snuggle in them, especially around the fire whilst roasting marshmallows! I mean who doesn't love to roast big marshmallows then cover them in melted chocolate and watch the fire crackle away all night long?!?!

2) Fresh air - Now, having the opportunity to work with horses has made me appreciate the fresh crisp air in these months as it is so lovely and clean (and even better when wrapped up in a big, fluffy coat) and it also makes it easier to ride in because as nice as the weather is in summer it can be a big pain in the butt when trying to go for a ride because it makes you all hot and sweaty (not a sexy look - trust me!) and having the cold fresh air is so fun to ride in because you aren't actually too tired to get on and ride and then you can have even longer lessons!

3) Halloween - I absolutely L O V E Halloween so much (mainly because you get free chocolate and sweets whilst wearing cool scary costumes haha) but mainly because I love binge watching scary movies with my friends and family and around the halloween period there are so many amazing new horror films that come out in cinemas!

4) Bonfire night - WooHoo !!! The best part about bonfire night is watching the fireworks shoot high into the air and explode into beautiful and bright colours, filling the dark night sky! Sparklers are even better! I'm like a big kid, running around everywhere making pretty patterns in the air with my sparkler! Some years my mum and stepdad even buy fireworks to set off in our back garden (don't worry though we are super safe and no one is in danger) and its such a beautiful sight seeing all bright colours from our back garden don't you think?

5) My Birthday - The best time of the month! I love my birthday because my family know how to make it special....nice meal, big cake, lots of lovely wishes from everyone! This year we are going for a nice meal and, because it is on a saturday (YAY) we are going to go to the stables and i'll have a birthday ride on Spencer! I honestly couldn't ask for anything else because that is just my idea of perfection!

6) CHRISTMAS!!!!! - YAYAYAYAYAYAY! My favourite time of the year! It's amazing because everybody is happy, I get to spend lots of time with my family, putting the christmas tree up, christmas music, giving people gifts and watching their faces light up when they tare off the wrapping paper with excitement and OMG how could I forget....my mum's amazing christmas dinner, which is hands down the best part about christmas day!

I could go on and on about Christmas and my birthday etc but lets concentrate on the present not the future......


I love waking up in the mornings and walking down the street, hearing the crunching of the leaves under my feet and breathing in nice, fresh, crisp air! It is now officially autumn! The trees are looking so beautiful at the minute with their leafless branches just stood there waving in the autumn breeze! I have also noticed that my local supermarket have stocked up with pumpkins already which makes me super excited for halloween! Oh yes...Halloween! Halloween is at the end of this month and I am suuuuuper excited! Me and my friends have already started frightening ourselves by watching scary films, Insidious 1,2 & 3, Paranormal activity, Babadook and many more to get into the proper halloween spirit! So far, I haven't got any plans for Halloween however me and my 2 best friends are looking at possibly going to a Halloween Scarefest Park that's meant to be so scary and fun!

Anyway I better stop rambling on and on about how much I love this time of year!

Question of the day:
What is your favourite part about October, November and December?

Be sure to leave your answer in the comments so I can have a read through and get to know you guys better!!!

Bye for now GemsBlog x x x

Ps - If you haven't guessed already....I am sat here listening to christmas music, Michael Buble of course, because I am in the christmas mood after writing this post! And yes I am fully aware that it is only October but I actually can't control my excitement and i am probably going to watch Elf (which is hands down the best Christmas film going) after I have finished writing this haha!


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