Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tips for being a girl

Hey guys,
I've been thinking about another blog post that I wanted to write and I've come up with this one....

Tips for being a girl!

Ok, so, I thought I would do this post because I wanted to share my tips and give advise on being a girl.

So in no particular order.....

1.        Don't stay up all night watching Netflix, YouTube or whatever - It might seem like a good idea at the time to binge watch your favourite shows (trust me...I've been there and watched nearly a whole series of Pretty Little Liars resulting me to not go to sleep until 4am) because it is important that you get enough sleep so your brain is more active and you can be prepared for the next day. Also, this step is VERY important on a school night because you don't want to go to sleep at say 2am and then have to wake up at 6am because you're not going to be able to take in the important information you need and this is really bad especially if your exam season is approaching!

2.        Hygiene is very important - the one thing you DO NOT want to do is walk around stinking or have greasy hair because a) people will think you are unhygienic and don't have a wash and b) because it is not good for your hair to not get the nourishing care it needs. As you get older and are entering your teen years your body goes through changes....lots of changes. You get hair in places that you've never had hair before, you will start 'your time of the month' and much more. As you start to develop these changes it is SO important to know how to take care of your body (eg shaving and moisturizing) because this will benefit your skin and its also an excuse to have a pamper evening (which brings me to my next point)

3.        Pamper evenings - these are so important but fun at the same time. It is your time to do things that make you feel relaxed. Maybe spend one or two nights of the week doing a pamper evening. Run a bath (or take a shower if you haven't got a bath), place a bath bomb in, maybe have a glass of wine (if you are old enough) or just have a glass of water (which is extremely hydrating) then once you're out of the bath you are going to want to start moisturizing with your favourite products, pop a face mask on, watch a film and chill out.
My fave Zoella 'Wonder Hand' hand cream
My fave Victoria Secret body lotion

4.        Try and find a new hobby - this is the best way to make new friends and learn new skills. I recently started a new hobby back in January....Piano lessons. I love learning to play the piano because it is something that my granny loved to do since she was a little girl and she even bought me my first key board which she was going to teach me how to play the piano on it but she unfortunately passed away last year (2015) so she never got chance to teach me so I thought that I would get lessons as a way to remember her.

This is Random, a horse I currently loan
Here are a list of hobbies you could try:
  • Horse riding
  • Music lessons
  • Swimming
  • Bike riding
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Book clubs
  • Afterschool club activities
  • Rainbows/Brownies/Girl guides
  • Photography club
5.        Healthy Eating - I know everybody is a sucker for chocolates and sweets but having too many of these can lead to you living an unhealthy life. Why don't you try eating sweets or chocolate just one night or two nights a week....maybe even on your pamper evening (see step 3). This way you have something to look forward to at the end of a long day or week. For meal times try adding some sort of fruit or veg. So if you have ham sandwiches for lunch, why not try adding lettuce or cucumber and maybe have a banana or apple for a snack. Healthy eating is beneficial for your skin and your weight because it leaves you with  healthy glowing skin and if you stick with eating healthier for long enough you may even end up with a figure to die for!

Fruit Face
6.        Find your own style - Dress the way you want to dress and not just wear uncomfortable clothes because that's what your friends dress like or that's what is fashionable at that time. Having your own style will lead you to be more confident with yourself and let you have clothes you love to wear and not just ones that you will probably never wear again.

7.        Just say yes - If someone asks you if you want to do something, like go to the cinema or something, don't let the inner voice inside your head tell you that you cant do go or you will hate it, just say yes! The likely outcome will be that you love it and you will have a great time! Obviously don't say yes to doing something if you know that it will put you or others in danger because that is not something you want to get yourself involved with. Just say yes to the fun things in life....this could also lead you to find new interests or hobbies (see step 4).

8.        Don't stress over every little thing - Now, coming from a girl who has suffered anxiety since the start of this year, 2016, (which is a whole other blog post) not stressing over every single thing is a challenge for me because unfortunately the inner voice inside my head forces me to stress over everything and anything. However I ALWAYS force myself to not stress and just tell myself everything will be ok! It is not good to be constantly stressing because it can lead you to turn down a lot of opportunities and say no to everything (see step 7).

So there you go, 8 steps on tips for being a girl, however if you are a boy reading this, then these tips could be good for you as well. Also I know that some of these steps might make me sound like a boring fart (eg step 1 and step 5) but I feel like these are just a few tips I have learnt over the past few years.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of my 8 tips and tell me how they turned out!

Question of the day:
 What is your pamper routine?

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x

p.s I may even do a pamper routine blog either today or in the next few days so you can have a few more helpful tips to help you create your perfect pamper evening!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog - I cant actually believe I'm saying that!

I suppose I should start of by saying a bit about me.
Ok, where to start....

My name is Gemma, but people call me Gem. I am 14 years old and I live in a small town in England.
I've always loved to write, especially stories, however I've always wanted to have my own diary that actually lasts longer than three days. The only problem is all my diary entries would go something like "Hello, I woke up, went to school, ate tea and played on the Xbox with my brother. gtg I'm going to bed bye!"...I know, boring right? So I stumbled across a few blogs (Zoella, JustJodes and BeccaRose) and I loved how they write whatever they want, whenever they want and people could read their posts and share their opinions on it.
I also just came back from my holiday to Ibiza. Whilst I was there, I read 2 books, Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour and it gave me inspiration to start my blog, GemsBlog, because I love how she could just blog what she liked and share .

This blog is going to be full of the things I love such as, photos, general life updates, baking/cooking, beauty but most importantly....horses! I know that this blog is going to be a mix of everything and anything but that's just because I have an interest in many different things.

I'm soooooo sorry this post is quite long and probably a bit hard to follow but I suppose writing these posts will get easier over time.

Thank you to anyone who has read my blog and I hope you stay with me on this online journey.

By for now, GemsBlogs x x x