Hey guys,

In this post I am going to talk to you about something that will probably be the death of me.......STRESS! (Ok so maybe I am being a little bit dramatic by saying it will be the death of me but guys I am that stressed I think I deserve to be dramatic from time to time !!!!)

Ok, so like I said in one of my previous posts, I have been through more than any other 14 year old girl should go through but this has lead me to get extremely stressed to the point where I could literally kick off about dropping my pen on the floor! For me, stress is a very annoying thing because it leaves me with ridiculously bad headaches and I end up stressing about how stressed I am (if you get what I mean).

Here's an example of how stressed I get over silly things:

I was in my business class the other week and we had to do a quiz on a website our school uses to track our progress and we had to get higher than 80% (which is equivalent to a grade B). However if you didn't get 80% you had to keep taking the quiz over and over again until you got that percentage. Now, taking Business studies for my GCSE's is possibly one of the worst decisions in my school life because, although it "will be useful in our later life" (as my business studies teacher continues to repeat this over and over and over again to me every lesson), it is the most boring and difficult subject I have picked! In the quiz I was getting scores around 30% and this aggravated me so much because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get that score I needed. So, of course, I became stressed. I sat staring at my computer screen for around 10 minutes trying not to walk out of the classroom. I eventually told sir "I can't do this. It's driving me crazy" and by this time sir new how stressed I was (probably because of the way I said it or because I looked like my head was about to explode). He replied "what bit can't you do" so i responded "All of it. It's too hard". This didn't help the situation at all because sir just replied with "Just try it again" which is one of the most annoying and frustrating thing teachers say simply because I had tried taking the quiz 28 times (to be exact) and for some reason I wasn't getting the score I needed which only got me more stressed and I ended up with a big ass headache for the rest of the day. 

So yeah.....I think you understand how stressed I get. However, over the past few days I have found some ways that calm me down when I am having a "mid - life crisis" (which is what I usually tell my teacher when I'm stressed). So I thought I'd share some of my tips to help any of you reading.

1) Just breathe - Wherever you are just take a minute and breathe. Take 10 big deep breaths in and out until you can feel yourself relaxing again.

2) Block it out - Whilst your doing your breathing exercises (see step 1),block out whatever it is that is causing you to be stressed, whether it is an exam you're currently sitting or you're at work and the boss has put a huge stack of paper in front of you that he expects you to read through by the end of the day, just clear your thoughts and focus on the sound of your breath.

3) Leave - If things get really bad and step 1 and step 2 don't work just take yourself out of the situation by leaving the room (obviously not in the middle of an exam or important meeting) and focus on your breathing techniques outside where you have peace and quiet. If you're in a lesson and those 2 steps didn't work because the environment was too loud, just put your hand up and ask your teacher if you can have a minute outside of the classroom. Your teacher should not say "no" because they aren't meant to keep you inside if you are feeling stressed or anxious etc and if your teacher comes outside to talk to you just tell them how you are feeling and that it's all getting on top of you so you just need a minute to clear your head and then go back into the classroom with a PMA (which stands for Positive Mental Attitude - It is something that I like to say a lot especially when I am having a bad day. It's kind of like "Hakuna Matata" from Lion King which means no worries for the rest of your days!).

4) Talk to someone - If things get to the point where you are so stressed you don't feel like you can handle it, just know that there is always someone who you can talk to, whether that is a teacher, a friend,a parent or a councillor. Just know that there is always going to be someone who will offer you a shoulder to cry on etc.

I wish someone had told me these steps a long time ago because there has been times where I've felt like crap and felt like I was going to stay stressed for the rest of my life. However I am just glad that I know them now because the next time I get stressed (which let's face it - it will probably be tomorrow knowing me) I can follow these 4 steps and I will manage to get through it.

I hope this post will help any of you reading this. If you have any tips for helping others through stressful times or even any ways to prevent stress, please leave them in the comments so myself and others can use them too!

Questions of the day:
When were you last stressed out and what did you do to calm yourself down?

By for now, GemsBlog x x x

P.s I have just read back through my post and realised how many times I have said the word "stressed" and I'm not going to lie but it did drive me crazy! Sorry if it annoyed any of you guys lol :)

P.p.s - The images on this blog post do not belong to me nor do I take credit for them!


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