October 2016 Favorites...

Hey guys,

Today's post is about my October favourites. I know it's not the end of October yet but I've been wanting to write this post for the past couple of days now so I thought why not just do it now.

1)     My Ariat coat - I talked about how amazing this coat is in one of my previous blog post so it is only right that I put this in my first monthly favourites. I've been wearing it everyday for the past month since the weather has gotten colder and it has made me feel all toasty and warm.

2)     Spencer - Without a doubt he is definitely going to be part of my monthly favourites! He is my best friend and I love him with all my heart! He's literally the best horse ever! I see him everyday and he makes me very happy and loved.
This is Spencer - I have done a whole blog post about him too (CLICK HERE to read my post)

3)     All The Bright Places - Oh. My. Goodness. This book is incredible. I bought this with 7 other books that is part of Zoe Sugg's book club and it is the only one I have read so far but I LOVE it. It's about a boy, called Finch, and a girl, called Violet, who meet on the top of the school bell tower where they were about to commit suicide and then from then on they start getting closer. It is a powerful and emotional story because it is all about mental illness and the symptoms of it. It is a very special story that will relate to so many people. I highly recommend that you buy this story because it is so incredibly beautiful.

4)     Volvic strawberry flavoured water - This is a bit of a random favourites but I'm not even joking when I tell you that this is all I have drunk this past month. My skin has improved so much too because I have noticed how clear m skin has got too. I also kind of don't have a choice because I can't drink anything other than water because all of the additives that are in them make me feel very poorly. However, I don't really mind because I am obsessed with this flavored water.

5)     YouTube - This might not be a surprise to many people because I have been watching YouTubers for the past 3/4 years ish and over the past few years I have found more and more incredible channels. Some of my favourite YouTubers are:

  • Zoella
  • PointlessBlog
  • SacconeJolys
  • HayItsMaya
  • Lauren McKinnon
  • Gabriella Lindley 
6)     Last but definitely not least Elle King - The most amazing singer I have ever heard. Her voice is incredible and I love her song "Ex's and Oh's". I am obsessed with her album "Love Stuff" and I listen to every song all day everyday because they put me in such a good mood. I love to sing her songs in my head whilst I'm at the stables and riding Spencer because they just put me in an even better mood.

OK that's it. I know that I haven't listed a lot of products but I am sure you won't mind haha! 

Question of the day:
What's your favourite thing from this month? Let me know in the comment section below!

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x


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