Morning walk around the countryside...

Hey guys,

This afternoon has been good so far. Me, my mum and my older brother, who I don't see very much, took the dogs for a walk around the countryside this morning and it was beautiful. The dogs enjoyed running around, swimming in the pond and playing fetch with their brand new tennis ball. 

We started off by putting the dogs into the car to take them to pick up my brother. We arrived a short time later at the countryside.

We took the dogs out f the boot of the car and I instantly felt the fresh, crisp air blow across my face. Leaves were all over the ground, crunching under our feet as we started off on our adventure. My whole body was freezing although I don't mind as I soon warmed up once we got going. After throwing the dogs tennis ball for what seemed like forever we let them have a swim in the pond. My little puppy didn't want to go in so he just watched my big dopey dog, on the bank, swim around trying to find his tennis ball that he had some how managed to loose whilst swimming around there. It was very funny watched him dive into the water however it wasn't funny when he came running straight back out and drenched us in dirty pond water (YUCK)! 

I think some of us forget about the beautiful countryside as we are stuck inside with our eyes staring at a phone or computer screen for hours on end. That is one of the main reasons why I love horse riding because I spend nearly all my life outdoors, whether it's bringing horses up from the field or simply walking around the yard admiring all the beautiful animals and wildlife. 

Our morning walk was so nice and relaxing and gave me, my mum and my brother time to catch up on everything that's been happening in our lives. 

I really want to make this a weekly thing where me and my family can have a nice walk around the countryside and a lovely catch up.

Anyway, I thought I'd just give you a  general catch up about how my day has gone so far. I think me and my mum are going to see Spencer soon so I better sign off.

Question of the day:
Have you been for a walk around the countryside recently?

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x

P.s Don't worry guys - the dogs do get walked everyday (but me and my mum and brother take them around a countryside walk which is a bit further to get too once every couple of weeks) by my step dad. He takes them after he gets home from work. Me and my mum sometimes go with him too but he prefers the peace and quiet. It's like his escape place so we don't really want to interrupt his down time. 


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