Loooooong time no blog......

Hey guys,
I've been super busy recently as summer ended :( and I am now back at school after a very good summer holiday. I haven't made a blog post in ages as I am now in year 10 so I have a lot of studying for my exams (which are just around the corner) and that means I have a hell of coursework and homework and very little time for writing blog posts however I have now settled back into school and got all my timetables sorted so I am able to manage my time more effectively.

Ooooh something exciting has happened in my life too......I am now loaning a new horse called Spencer who is 14 years old and is a Fell X.

(We had to give Random back to her owner and stop loaning her as she was old (20 years old to be exact) and have you ever heard the phrase "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"?...well Random was behaving VERY badly (bolting off with me and my mum, trying to buck us off etc) and apparently she has been doing that all her life, which is something the owner failed to tell us, so we persevered for a good year with her, trying to stop her doing it, using different training methods, different tack etc but it was no good and I wasn't able to go past a certain level in dressage as she basically knocked my confidence completely :( I was sad to give her back as I built such a big bond with her but "all good things come to an end")

However, I have now built an even bigger bond with Spencer. We went to see him a couple of weeks ago, me and my mum both rode him and he was perfect....as soon as I saw him in his field I fell in L.O.V.E with him and so did the rest of my family and friends! He has started to bring my confidence back after it got knocked by Random and I am finally starting to enjoy riding again (not that I didn't before but every time me and my mum got on Random we were not enjoying it as we were fighting a losing battle).

Spencer is a little unfit and slightly over weight as the owner has been working extra long shifts so never had time to ride him so he was in the field for a few weeks. Therefore me and my mum are both bringing him back into work slowly by riding him everyday for 15/30 minutes and I can already see improvements in him.

Anyway, talking of the devil (well he's really an angel), I have to go as me and my mum are going to go see him....oh and i might even take him for a trail ride around the cross country course (not over the jumps as he's still slightly unfit so just around the jumps) which should be fun as I never got the chance to do that with Random since she would just bolt off everywhere!

Bye for now, GemsBlog x x x


  1. Sorry I have been missing for a while but I hope you enjoy reading this new post :)


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